I love a shiny, new tool as much as the next productivity nerd.

How can anyone turn away from the promise of improved organisation and efficiency? This new app/journal/planner will make you the best version of yourself. Who wouldn't want that?

But there's a problem.

New productivity tools enter the marketplace daily. Changing your core tools takes time. You risk spending more time planning your approach to productivity rather than doing the work.

With this in mind, it's time to ask a question:

What is in your minimum viable productivity toolkit?

My answer is something I call the productivity trifecta:

  • Calendar
  • Task manager
  • Note-taking tool

You might like to combine two - or all three - into one.

You can be productive and efficient if you know where you need to be and what you must do. Your calendar, task manager and notes should be your one point of truth.

Whether your tools are digital, analogue, or a combination of the two, choose tools that are accessible and easy for you. I use:

What's in your minimum viable productivity toolkit?

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