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Today's round-up includes:

  • Tools for decluttering your camera roll and taking notes.
  • Articles about procrastination and organisation.
  • A podcast about burnout and a great video about one of my favourite tools (Readwise Reader).
  • And much more...

Also, this week, I've been working on slowing down and noticing more. I recorded a few thoughts here (listening time < 5 minutes).

Could you benefit from noticing more?


GetSorted for iOS
Photo library cleanup made easy and fun. Try GetSorted today!
Capacities – A studio for your mind
A powerful note-taking tool. All your ideas – typed and connected.
Martine Ellis’s Literal profile
Wellbeing-Driven Productivity - Writer, Coach & Educator
My virtual book pile


Procrastination: the cognitive biases that enable it – and why it’s sometimes useful
Procrastination is linked to a preference for the status quo.
The Only Five Ways to Organize Information (Five Hat Racks or LATCH) – The Visual Communication Guy
Things I’ve quit doing at my desk
We do all sorts of activities at our desks that affect our ability to produce our best work.



#329 7 Early Signs of Burnout and 10 Simple & Practical Tools To Help with Dr Rangan Chatterjee
#329 7 Early Signs of Burnout and 10 Simple & Practical Tools To Help with Dr Rangan Chatterjee

The Library

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