What is Morgen?

Morgen is an innovative calendar tool designed to help you manage your schedule and workload more effectively. It seamlessly combines multiple calendars - for me, that's a work Outlook calendar and a personal Google Calendar - allowing you to view all your events and commitments in one convenient place.

With a focus on time blocking and easy navigation, could Morgen be the answer to your productivity woes?

Morgen's Standout Features

  • Unified calendar view: Morgen combines your work and personal calendars in one place, providing a clear overview of your entire schedule.
  • Time blocking: Morgen's time blocking feature helps you allocate specific blocks of time to tasks and appointments, promoting focus and productivity.
  • Todoist integration: Morgen includes a simple task list that would be sufficient for most, but I'm still deciding whether to give up Todoist yet (I love their iOS quick capture widget). Thankfully, I do not need to decide yet, because Morgen has a two-way Todoist integration. I can drag tasks from Todoist onto my Morgen calendar to time block inside Morgen - see the screenshot below.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: navigate your calendar easily using Morgen's intuitive keyboard shortcuts, making your scheduling experience faster and more efficient.
  • Pricing and educator discount: Morgen offers competitive pricing plans, with a special deal for educators.
  • Apps: at the time of writing, Morgen's iOS and Android apps are in beta (available with a paid subscription). I'm using the iOS app, and it does everything I need it to - I particularly like the agenda view, so I can see the whole month and a list of tasks and events for the day (see screenshot below).

My Experience with Morgen

Morgen has been a game-changer for me. The ability to view my work and personal calendars in one place has made managing my busy schedule so much easier. While I had dabbled with time blocking previously, it's now become the only way I work because it is so easy in Morgen. Time blocking has revolutionised my productivity, ensuring I dedicate time to each task and avoid distractions.

The keyboard shortcuts are also handy, allowing me to quickly navigate my calendar without relying on my mouse; this has saved me valuable time and made the entire scheduling process more enjoyable.

Morgen's pricing plans are reasonable, and the educator discount is a thoughtful touch that makes this powerful tool more accessible to those working in education.

Sunsama Versus Morgen

I recently reviewed Sunsama and fell in love... has Morgen replaced Sunsama?


Sunsama is still an incredible tool; however, Morgen does (practically) everything I love about Sunsama for a fraction of the price. Switching to Morgen was an easy choice when you factor in the educator discount.

The only aspect of Sunsama I miss is web-access; however, this is on the Morgen roadmap, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Morgen Resources

Suppose you want to see how others use Morgen before you try it yourself. In that case, I recommend looking at Bryan Jenks's walkthrough below (it's particularly relevant if you are neurodivergent). Note Bryan's video is from 2022, and Morgen has had some updates since.

Final Thoughts

If you're looking for a calendar solution that helps you take control of your schedule and boost your productivity, Morgen is a perfect choice. With its innovative features, competitive pricing, and user-friendly design, Morgen is a brilliant tool that has transformed how I manage my time. Try it and experience the difference yourself - use my discount code for 10% off:


Let me know what you think.

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