Today's round-up is about:

  • Learning and creating
  • Getting things done
  • AI, PAR, PKM
  • And much more...

This Week

I've had the week off, so I took the opportunity to learn and create... and loved every minute.

My learning has focused mostly on AI - specifically, how AI can play a role in wellbeing-driven productivity and support neurodivergent people (see 100 Days of AI below).

I created The PAR Method (see below) - a productivity model demonstrating my approach to getting things done, including tool recommendations and ways the method can be adjusted to suit other people's needs. I plan to create an ebook expanding my explanation of The PAR Method; this will be available as member-only content in the first instance (part of The Library).  

I also updated my personal knowledge management system and created a video explaining it (see below).

This week has reminded me of the strong connection between learning, creating, and motivation - the more you learn and create, the more you want to learn and create.  

The PAR Method: A Wellbeing-Driven Productivity System Designed with Neurodivergent Individuals in Mind
The PAR Method is a productivity system specifically designed for people who are neurodivergent (or think they might be).
My personal knowledge management and productivity toolkit.


Learn something new about AI for 100 days.


Why You Should Send a Weekly Summary Email
A deceptively simple productivity and management tool
Is there a perfect productivity system?
Let’s cut to the chase: there is no universally perfect productivity system. Instead of wasting time trying to copy-and-paste a system from a self-help book, everyone should intentionally design a system that works for them.
Literal is the best platform to collectively explore the ideas of the world’s greatest authors.
There's still time to join this month's read-along on Literal.

Tweet of the Week


That's a Wrap

As always, thanks for reading.

Hit reply and let me know what you found most helpful this week - I’d love to hear from you.

See you next weekend.

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