Today's round-up includes:

  • Naps
  • ChatGPT
  • New tools
  • Time blocking
  • The PAR Model
  • And much more...

The PAR Model

I'm taking a little time off next week, and - in between naps - I have big plans.

Specifically, I want to develop my own productivity model. Yesterday, I shared the first draft of The PAR Model, and I'd love your feedback. Thank you in advance.


Here are two new (to me) tools I'm testing:

Best Free Text To Speech Voice Reader | Speechify
The leading text to speech app with millions of downloads on Chrome, iOS, & Android. Hear the Internet on any device. Try Speechify for free today.
Reflect keeps track of your thoughts, books, and meetings.


The Complete Guide to Time Blocking
According to Cal Newport, “a 40 hour time-blocked work week produces the same amount of output as a 60+ hour work week pursued without structure.” Here’s how to master it.
How to nap | Psyche Guides
Whether it’s to recover after a late night or to boost your learning abilities, there’s a science to napping effectively

Tweet of the Week

A mega-tweet sharing some excellent ChatGPT-4 prompt engineering tips.


Book Club

Don't forget to join our book club (click the button below for details of the April read).

That's a Wrap

As always, thanks for reading.

Hit reply and let me know what you found most helpful this week - I’d love to hear from you.

See you next weekend.

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