Research tells us that doing something creative - particularly making something - can improve our mental health.

It makes sense. If you're doing a solo creative activity, such as knitting, it's gloriously repetitive. Your brain can switch off. Group activities, for example attending an art class, are an opportunity to meet people while learning and making.

But what if you aren't creative?

It doesn't matter.

Focus on the process - be a process-driven maker.

Revel in the new skills you are learning and remember - learning is a creative activity.

Here are four creative activity ideas to try👇

  1. Go on a photo walk: be a tourist in your local area - take as many interesting shots with your phone as you can. Choose your favourites and then print and frame them.
  2. Doodle: if you don't know where to start, hop over to YouTube and search 'how to doodle'.
  3. Build something with Lego: if you enjoyed Lego as a child, I guarantee you'll enjoy it even more fun as an adult.
  4. Try origami: all you need to get started is some paper - again, browse YouTube for tutorials.

Ditch the perfectionism.

Focus on the pleasure of doing something creative rather than making a masterpiece.

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