I've always approached productivity differently. I prioritise my wellbeing over everything else - as a result, I am highly efficient.

In 2021, I discovered one of the reasons why - I am neurodivergent (diagnosed with autism at 43). Functioning in a world built for neurotypicals is exhausting - wellbeing simply must come first.

While I appreciate that no two neurodivergent people are the same, we can face similar productivity challenges.

These productivity approaches form part of my overarching wellbeing-driven productivity method. Perhaps one can work for you👇

🗓 One Point of Truth Calendar

If it is not in the calendar, it does not exist. Use your calendar to schedule everything, including rest time (for example, breaks and lunch hours) and tasks.

📝 Do Dates Over Due Dates

While due dates for tasks and projects are needed, it's more important to focus on do dates. Work out when you will do the work, and schedule it.

🍅The Pomodoro Technique

Work in 25-minute blocks (no distractions) with 5-minute breaks in between. Once you have completed a few 'sprints', take an extended break.

💡 Whiteboard Trick

If you are working in sprint mode and ideas pop into your head, write them on a whiteboard, then get back to work. Revisit these thoughts later.

🎧 Environment Control

If you struggle with sensory overload, control your environment. I use headphones, earplugs, white or brown noise, and lo-fi music.

What works for you?

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