I'm Martine - a writer, speaker, coach, and educator specialising in wellbeing-driven productivity strategies and systems for people who think differently.

How Can I Help?

I help people who are neurodivergent (or think they might be) avoid burnout through wellbeing-driven productivity.

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Early Career

I spent the first decade of my career working in training, recruitment, and finance.

By the age of 30, I was on the board of directors of an international finance company. I earned a high salary, drove a convertible, and worked in a sophisticated glass corner office.

Sounds perfect, doesn't it?

Except it wasn't.

I was unhappy doing a job that didn't help anyone.

Career Gamble

I left finance to become an unqualified lecturer in further education. The contract was for one year - a huge career gamble.

My first year of teaching was the most exhausting but exhilarating experience of my working life. I was offered a permanent role at the end of the contract and gladly accepted. I knew I'd found a way to help people, which felt good.

I'd love to tell you my transition into teaching was easy, but it wasn't. I struggled with anxiety, depression, and exhaustion - I became burnt out. I didn't know it then, but some of my struggles stemmed from undiagnosed autism. I received my autism diagnosis many years later (aged 43).

Still, I knew teaching - helping people - was what I had to do. So I developed coping strategies and systems and began to thrive. I did my teacher training on the job, achieving QTLS and then ATS (Advanced Teacher Status). A decade later, I completed a Master's in Education.

My current role in education is Professional Development Manager and Scholarly Activity Lead at The Guernsey Institute. (I never left the college that took a gamble on me).

Writing and Coaching

Alongside my education role, I work as a self-employed writer, speaker and coach, specialising in wellbeing-driven productivity for people who think differently.

I developed the concept of wellbeing-driven productivity after my experience of burnout. I recognised that to do my job well; I needed to be well. It became clear that prioritising my health and wellbeing needs was essential. It benefited me, my students and my employer.

Why didn't more people understand this?

So I started writing and podcasting about wellbeing-driven productivity. Soon after, I started working one-to-one with coaching clients who wanted to thrive personally and professionally. My zone of genius is designing systems for life, work, and learning.

My experience of burnout as an autistic person means I work well with people who think differently. By 'think differently', I mean neurodivergent people, people who suspect they could be neurodivergent, and people who are open to seeing their world differently.

Would You Like to Chat?

If you’d like to discuss how I can help you, please contact me using the form below or email martine@martineellis.com.

Please note that I work with a limited number of coaching clients per year. I offer a free 30-minute online call to determine what you need, if I can help, and whether we would be a good fit.