Today's round-up includes:

  • Play
  • Sleep
  • Planners
  • Workcations
  • Digital detoxes
  • And much more...


First, a quick housekeeping note: I'm celebrating my graduation next weekend 🎉 Due to travel and the subsequent (anticipated) energy expenditure, there will not be a Notes by Martine email next weekend. I promise you a bumper edition the following weekend, likely including cheesy graduation photos.

Thank you for understanding.

A Week of Play

I've just finished my weekly review. Looking back on the week, it's easy to see an overarching theme: play.

I've been playing with new tech tools (planners, specifically, more on that below). I've also been playing with ChatGPT. I decided to pay for a month of ChatGPT plus to see what the fuss is about... it's fair to say my mind is blown!

And then there's this (see below). If ever a tweet could sum up a playful week, it's this one:


Routine | The Most Advanced Calendar for Productive People
Routine is the most advanced calendar app, combining tasks & notes to supercharge your productivity. Available on iOS, macOS & Windows.
It took me months to get through the Routine waiting list, but you can skip the queue. I have 5 invites to give away. Reply to this email promptly with your best email address, and I will invite you.


Digital detoxes don’t actually work
A digital detox is a period in which a person voluntarily refrains from using digital devices including smartphones, computers and social media platforms. However, recent research has shown that digital detoxes can negatively impact our overall well-being.
Workcations Are Not a Thing. Let’s Keep It That Way.
Remote work is work. Let’s not pretend it’s vacation.
The sleep advice no one tells you
Sleep better without sacrificing your tech.


Action Research: Lighting a Fire in Further Education - Audemic: Access any academic research via audio
Join us in episode 14 for a candid conversation with Martine Ellis, writer, coach and educator on wellbeing-driven productivity. What is action research, and why is wellbeing so important in academia?


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That's a Wrap

As always, thanks for reading.

Hit reply and let me know what you found most helpful this week - I’d love to hear from you.

See you in a couple of weeks.

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