I read a lot.

It is not unusual for me to have three or four books on the go and a few on hold. Some books are on Kindle; others are audiobooks. I often lose track of what I am reading (especially on Kindle), so I have been looking for a tracking tool.

Here's what I found 👇

Goodreads seems to be where most people track their reading, but I struggled with it. The interface hurts my brain - the colour, the clutter - all of it.

TickTick is my task manager, and, as reading a book is technically a task, I tried tracking my reading there. That didn't work either because a book doesn't have a due date (or 'do' date - I read daily). I kept forgetting about my book list.

Then I found Literal.

Literal is a relatively new reading tracker. Features include a library with bookshelves, tracking, reviews, highlights, goals and recommendations. There's a social element, so you can follow friends, start book clubs and chat.

I love Literal's embeddable 'what I am reading?' widget and have included it on my website's Now page.

The interface is minimal and aesthetically pleasing - I want to use the app. I want to finish books to check them off.

Did I mention it's free?

If you lose track of what you are reading, or are looking for a Goodreads alternative, give Literal a try.

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